How to Check In and Check Out Groups (Cloud)

How to Check In and Check Out Groups (Cloud)

This article refers to the Cloud version. For the Desktop version, click HERE.

Once you have created the group, picked up the allocations, created the rooming list, and assigned room numbers, you are ready to check it in.
Whatever guarantee type the group is set up with, the group master still needs to be checked in and checked out at the end.
To speed up the process, you will be able to check-in and check-out rooms at the same time you check-in and check-out the group master.

If you do not check-in the group master, it will be checked-in automatically during the night audit, but this forgetting can have some consequences.

Check-In the Group Master

Before checking-in any individual rooms, the group master needs to be checked in.
Go to Front Office > Group > Search and open the group to check-in.
In the toolbox on the right, choose Check-In.

If the Guarantee Type is set to Room & Tax or All Charges

You will be able to:
- check-in some or all of the rooms at the same time: this will speed up the whole group check-in. If you do still want to get individuals' guarantee of payment, this will have to be done one by one on each individual reservation.
- update the DNM (Do Not Move) Status of the room: the check box is a warning that this guest room number should not be changed.

If the Group Master is not checked-in before the individual rooms and:
- the Guarantee Type is set to Room & Tax or All Charges
- the Post Rm & Tax at Checkin feature is enabled (Management > Property Settings > Parameters)

Then the charges will post on each individual room and will not be transferred to the Group Master folio. This generally causes confusion on the Frontdesk side seeing charges on the room that should not be and may result in temporary duplicate postings on the Group Master folio thinking that charges were not posted, although already charged on the individual room folio.

If the Guarantee Type is set to None

You will only be able to check in the Group Master.
Every individual guest will be required to provide a method of payment for their own room at check-in.

If you do forget to check-in the Group Master, it will be automatically checked-in during the night audit process.
In case of Gtd Type as Room & Tax or All Charges, posting will be done on the Group Master folio.

Check-Out the Group Master Folio

Like an individual reservation, a group reservation has to be checked out.
Go to Front Office > Cashiering > Group Account > In House Groups
Open the group and click on View to open the folio.
Click on Check Out in the toolbox on the right side.

If any of the group rooms already have a $0 balance, you will be able to check them out all at once during the same process.
If there is still a balance on a room, it will not show on the list.
If you choose not to check out the rooms or not all of them at that time, a recap of the remaining rooms will pop up after checking out the Group Master folio.

Unlike with the individual rooms, if a group is not checked out on the departure date, Visual Matrix will not stop you to run the audit and continue the activity

Do you still have Groups checked-in?

Go to Front Office > Cashiering > Group Account > In House Groups.
If past groups are still showing, you can still check them out. If some groups still have a balance, we advise to take care of them as soon as possible.

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