Create New Group Reservation (Desktop)

Create New Group Reservation (Desktop)

Group (tab)

The top portion of the Group tab has fields for group information you will enter when making a group reservation. The bottom portion has a Room Allocation window.

Group ID
Search for an existing group using the ID assigned to group reservations.
Group Name
Reservations in the group will fall under this name.
Event Name
Enter the event name for a group. For example, John’s Wedding.

Contact LName
Enter the last name of a group’s primary contact.
Contact FName
Enter the first name of a group’s primary contact.
Arrival Date
Enter the date a group will arrive. Type the date into the text field, or select the date from the calendar by clicking on the calendar icon.
Departure Date
Enter a group’s last night at the property. Type the date into the text field, or select the date from the calendar by clicking on the calendar icon.
Market Segment
Select a group’s relative marketing segment from the dropdown.
Select a group’s company from the dropdown menu.  Click  to create a company listing.
Referral Method
Select a referral method from the dropdown.
Reason for Stay
Select the reason a group will stay from the dropdown.
Discount Code
Select the discount code a group will use from the dropdown.

Click Company to view the details of the company selected in the dropdown menu.

Company Info, Company Profile, and New Reservations

View the company location, contact, and rate information in the top two panels of the window. In the bottom panel, view new and old reservations made under the company.
  • Click Old to view previous reservations.
  • Click New to return to viewing new reservations.

Guarantee Type
Select the guarantee type a group holds for its guests. Guarantee types:
  • RM & TAX: The group is responsible for room and tax charges; the group’s guests are responsible for incidental charges.
  • All Charges: The group is responsible for all guest charges booked under it.
  • None: Guests are responsible for all charges associated with their individual rooms.
I.A.T.A. No
Select an IATA number for the dropdown. To look up an agency name, select Look up IATA #.
Allow FD to Pickup RM
Leave the box checked to let front desk personnel pickup a group’s allocations. Uncheck the box to restrict front desk personnel from making room pickups this group.
Deposit Req/Paid
Enter your hotel’s required deposit amount, if applicable. The right text-field populates automatically when a group makes a deposit.
Deposit Due Date
Enter the due date for a group deposit, or select the date by clicking on the calendar icon.
Est. Balance
The field populates with a group’s estimated balance based on guarantee type and guest pickups.
Alloc Drop
Select the allocation drop date from the dropdown. Allocation drop types:
  • Days before Arrival: Select the date from the calendar iconprior to the group arrival date that allocations will drop.
  • Arrival Date: Room allocations drop on the day the group arrives.
  • Departure Date: Allocations drop on the group departure date.
  • Days from Audit Date: Allocations will drop in this number of days from your current system date.
  • Reinstate: Click Reinstate to reinstate dropped allocations.
Special Requests
Enter a special request into the text field, or select New to create a detailed request.
Select the language from the dropdown menu for the confirmation letter.
Custom Letter
Select a custom letter from the dropdown menu, if one is available.

Daily Rate Detail - Special Requests

  1. Click New.
  2. Enter the date for the request, what the request is, and for which hotel personnel the request applies.
  3. Click Save.

To fill special requests, see Front Office->Supervisor.

Reservation Confirmation Number
Four-digit confirmation for the group contact.
Reservation Status
The field states whether the group is new, on hold, guaranteed, in, out, or cancelled.
Method of Payment
Select the method of payment from the dropdown.
Address 1/Address 2/City, State/Prov/Zip/Country
Enter the primary contact’s location.
Enter the primary contact’s contact information.
Conf Delivery
Select the delivery method from the dropdown to send the confirmation letter.

Enter comments for the group reservation. The comments you enter here print with the registration card.
Internal Use Only
Enter comments about the group for only hotel personnel to access.

The bottom portion of the Group tab is the Room Allocations window.

Add Allocations: Click to add room allocations for a group prior to saving the reservation, and then enter the allocation information in the pop up dialog box.

  • When you save a reservation, the Add Allocation is no longer available.

View the assigned allocations in the Room Allocations window. Click on the room type to select a new room type from the dropdown. All of the fields are editable as text fields.