Add a New Group Hot List Task (Cloud | Video)

Add a New Group Hot List Task (Cloud | Video)

This article refers to the Cloud version. For the Desktop version, click HERE.

What is a Hot List?

A Hot List is an organizational tool for front desk personnel.
Go to Front Office > Group > Hot List.

Create a new Hot List

Click on Add;
Click on Lookup to find the Group ID for which the task is created;
Choose a Date on which the task will have to be performed for;
Enter a Description of the task;
Click Save.

The task will show now in the list below.
Once completed, change the Status from Pending to Filled and Click the floppy disk to Save at the end of the line.

Search for an existing Hot List Task

To search for an existing Hot List Task, use the search parameters: Group Name, Start date, End date, Status (Pending, Filled, or All).
Then click Search.

Watch a Walkthrough Video