Rebuild the Reservation (Res) Matrix (Desktop | Video)

Rebuild the Reservation (Res) Matrix (Desktop | Video)

This article refers to the Desktop version. For the Cloud version, click HERE.

What is Res Matrix?

Res Matrix is essentially the collection of all the rooms and their statuses for the hotel which is what contributes to your Availability screen.  

What does it mean to Rebuild Res Matrix?

On occasion, the Availability screen might reflect an inaccurate total on either the overall or individual room count. Sometimes this inaccuracy is caused when an individual reservation or even group allocation has canceled, dropped, or picked up and the availability screen didn't update fully.
You can Rebuild the Res Matrix to quickly make sure that the Availability is in fact reporting accurate totals or not. If it was not, they will correct themselves once the rebuild is complete.

How to Rebuild Res Matrix

Rebuilding Res Matrix is a quick process that can be done by anyone who has Supervisor Access within Visual Matrix. 
Go to Front Office > Supervisor > System Maint > Rebuild Res Matrix 
The button for Rebuild Res Matrix will be located in the top left corner, second from the top. 

Once selected you will get a pop-up asking if you're sure you wish to proceed. Press Yes to continue. 
It will notify you once it is complete. Press Ok.

If you get an error message when you Rebuild Res Matrix, please notify the Visual Matrix Product Support team by creating a ticket via

Watch a Walkthrough Video