Room Setup (Cloud)

Room Setup (Cloud)

Room Setup

Use the Room Setup tab to set up rooms by room number and room type, add room descriptions, add housekeeping sections for automatically assigning rooms to maids, and add connecting rooms.

To demonstrate the ease with which you can set up rooms in Visual Matrix, this guide will set up a non-smoking king room, numbered 331, in housekeeping section 3.

1. Click  .

2. Click into the Room # field and type in the number. 

3. Select the Room Type from the dropdown. 

4. Click into the Description field and type in a brief description.

  • The field will automatically update with the description from the Room Type Configuration tab. You can customize that description in this field.

5. Select a Housekeeping Section from the HSKP Section dropdown.

  • Select a connecting room from the Conn 1 dropdown, if applicable.
  • You can enter another connecting room by using the Conn 2 field.Enter an Extension Number.

The Extension # field updates automatically. To set up the phone extension, see Management->Rooms->Phone Extensions.


Follow these steps to add a modifier to a room.

1. Click on the room in the main window you would like to add a qualifier to.

2. With the room selected, check a qualifier(s) in the window.

Now guests will be able to select a qualifier for that room type while making reservations.

Set Up Qualifiers

1. Click  at the bottom of the Qualifiers window. 

2. Click  . 

  • Enter the qualifier's Description.
  • The qualifier will be available in the Qualifiers window in Room Setup.

Available Photos

You can add photos to add to rooms in your system. This will not show to guests; the photos are not a marketing tool.

To add a file:

1. Click at the bottom of the Available Photos window. 

2. Click and select an image on your local drive.