Open a Group Rooming List (Cloud | Video)

Open a Group Rooming List (Cloud | Video)

What is the Rooming List

The rooming list is a convenient tool that gives you an easy way not only to have a big and complete picture of your group but also to update several of the guest information all in one place, like room number or guest(s) names.

Go to the Group Reservation

Go to Front Office > Groups > Search and open the group you wish to see the rooming list for.

Open the Room List Window

In the icons on the right side, sixth from the top, click on:
This will open a pop-up window with the rooming list based on all picked-up rooms.

The top part

It will include:
A- Arrival: Arrival date of that individual reservation;
B- RM Type: The room type of that individual reservation;
C- Room: Displays the guest’s room number. The number can be assign from this window by clicking on the desired room number from the column Room # (N) at the end... To unassign, click on "Clear Room #" at the bottom;
D- Conf #: The guest’s individual confirmation number;
E/F- Folio/Type: The individual’s sub folio and sub folio type. Click in Type to access a dropdown of options. This can be updated from this window;
G/H- Last Name/First Name: Guest name making the pickup. Click into the text fields to edit the guest name;
I- Comments: Displays any comments made in the comment field of the reservation.
J- Status: The status of the reservation - Hold, Gtd, Cxl;
K/L- Extra 1/Extra 2: Displays any extras the guest requested;
M- DNM: Check the box to warn other users not to move that guest;
N- Room #: Will display any room number available for the reservation that is currently highlighted. Just click on a number to assign it to a reservation.

The bottom part

It will include:
O- Print By: You can choose if you want the room list to print in the order of room numbers or by guest names (alphabetical).
P- Print Room List: To print the rooming list. The print will include Arrival Date, Room Type, Room #, Conf #, Guest Name, and any Comments.
Q- Print Labels: If you want to print labels for each room. The print will include Folio A Guest Last and First Name, Room Type, Room #, Group Name, VM Group #, and the Arrival Date;
R- Room Key: If you are using the Electronic Locks Interface with Visual Matrix, you can create all the keys for the group here at once;
S- Show Pickup: This will close the Rooming List window and open the Allocation Pickup window;
T- Export Room List: If you wish, you can export in the following format: Comma Delimited (Peachtree), Tab Delimited, XML, IIF (Quickbooks);
U- Close: To close the window;
V- Save: To save any modification you have done;
W- Clear Room #: If you have assigned a Room number and wish to uanssign, highlight the reservation and click on this button. If it says that it is already unassigned, make sure you exit and reopen the rooming list.

Watch a Walkthrough Video

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