Search for an Individual Reservation (Cloud)

Search for an Individual Reservation (Cloud)

Search for reservations.

Set the search parameters to locate and open a reservation:

1. Select the option to search for a reservation.

There are many options to search for a guest with:

Guest Last Name
Room Type
Room Blocked
Discount Code
Guest ID #
CRS / 3rd Party Conf. #
Travel Agent
Reservation Status
Group Name
Confirmation #
Credit Card #
Multi Reservations
Company Name
Room Checked In
City Ledger Account
2. Input a Date Range .

3. Select the search criteria in the Search Field.

4. Click Search.

There are specific and general search option criteria. For example, a search for Guest ID # could yield a more exact result than a search for Guest Last Name if the guest has a common surname.

If you know the approximate date of the reservation, narrow your search with a smaller date range. To expand your search, expand the date range to include dates, weeks, months, or even years.

If the search yields only one result, it will automatically open on your display. If the search yields multiple results, a list will display on the screen.