Setup Seasons (Cloud | Video)

Setup Seasons (Cloud | Video)

This article refers to the Cloud version. For the Desktop version, click HERE.

There are many different ways to manage rates in Visual Matrix. but before working with tiers, yield management, or peak dates, rates are managed by seasons, by room types.
The first step in putting in place your rates will be to create the season(s).

What is a season?

A season is a period of time in which your rates will be constant.
That does not mean that your rates will not change, it only means that the base of your rates, the Rack Rate, will stay the same.

We do highly advise not to have too many seasons, especially if you are connected with a two-way. More seasons you have, more data will need to be sent, which can sometimes create an overload and risk not completing the update correctly.
You can use Tiers to adjust your rates based on your occupancy. Click HERE for the article about Tier Rates.
As well, you can use the Peak dates if you do have an exceptional event that requires you to set up a rate completely outside of the range you have already set up. Click HERE for the article about Peak Dates.

Why would I create a New Season?

A new season is generally created for a new season (winter, spring, summer, fall), or for a new year.
The other reason you will want to create a new season, for an exceptional event, for example, will be because this event requires a specific Guarantee and Cancellation policy. Only a new season can let you set up a different setup in those settings.

Creating a New Season

Go to Management > Rates > Seasons

Create from a copy of a previous Season

Click on Copy on the right side.
From the popup window:
1- At the top, a reminder from which season you are currently copying from;
2- Choose the end date of that new Season. By default, the Start date will be the next day following the end of the latest season, so may not be the one you are copying from;
2- Enter the description for your season: this can be whatever you want - a year, a period, a name, ...
3- Choose to offset the rates of the season you are copying from. In this section, you can set up a positive or negative offset per room type, for weekdays and weekends (if you do have weekends rates).
The offset will apply to all the rates of that room type, rack/base, and every tier;
4- Choose to have a different Guarantee Type for that new season;
5- Choose to have a different Cancellation policy for that new season.
Click OK to save or Cancel to close, and go back to the previous page.

Create a brand new Season

Click on Add on the right side;
Enter the Start Date and the End Date;
Enter the Description;
Click the Save button at the top right (floppy disk).

A new season must be contiguous to the end of the latest season.
Also, you will be starting from scratch; in order to run your hotel during this season, you will need to manually enter the information from every tab in the Rates menu.
This includes the rates mapped if you have an interface. Every rate will have to be remapped one by one.

Watch the Walkthrough Video

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