How to Make a Reservation using Book Res (Desktop | Video)

How to Make a Reservation using Book Res (Desktop | Video)

This article refers to the Desktop version. For the Cloud version, click HERE.

Book RES is a feature that can help you make a reservation easily.
It provides faster access to check availability, rates, and book your reservation step by step with all the necessary information.

Go to Book RES

You will find the feature in Front Office > Reservation > Book RES (on the left)

Start the Reservation

This screen will be empty at the opening. There you will set up the date of arrival, the number of people, and the type of rate.
Start the reservation by choosing the following:
1- Date of arrival: current audit date by default
2- Number of nights: 7 by default. You can change it between 1 and 7
3- Number of Adults: 2 by default. It can be from 1 to 6
4- Number of Children: 0 by default. It can be from 0 to 5
5- Company Code/Company Name: Choose a company profile either by number or name. If there are any rates or discounts set up with that account, it will apply
6- Rate Plan: To apply a specific rate/discount code to the reservation
7- Search: To apply your preference or reset everything

Generate the Reservation - Part 1

Once you click search, the availability window will populate the available rooms and rates for the days you choose.
1- Room type and number of rooms of that type. This is NOT the number of available rooms
2- Daily information: Day by day, it will show you the number of available rooms and the rate for that day. N/A will show if the room is not available or if the rate chosen above is not available
3- ADR: Will show the average nightly rate the guest will pay during his stay

This availability screen will also show any specific status on any of the days:
- Soft Close: This night has to be included in a multi-night stay
- Minimum Night Stay: Any reservation starting on this day has a minimum night required
- Close to Arrival: No arrival on this date is possible
- Sold Out: The room is sold out for that day
- Peak Date: A peak date has been enabled for this day
- Event: There is an event scheduled on this day. See the Event calendar

Generate the Reservation - Part 2

Click and drag over the room type and the number of nights you want to create the reservation for.
Once you release the mouse, it will ask you to confirm you want to Generate the reservation.
Once you click OK, it will generate the reservation.

Book RES - Part 1

At the top of this window, there will be a recap of the reservation's dates, room type, rate plan, and an estimated balance of the whole stay.
Every field in red is mandatory.
You can either enter the Last and First names or use the ID scanner.
Click Next.

Book RES - Part 2

At the top, you will have the recap of the reservation's dates, room type, rate plan, and an estimated balance of the whole stay, and now the Guest name.
In this section, you can:
- Choose the 3 marketing segments
- Choose the Payment Method
- Even choose directly a room number

Complete the Reservation

Walk-In box not checked

Once you click on Book RES, it will save the reservation and open the main reservation window.
You will be able to add comments and extras.

Walk-In box checked

If the Walk-In box is checked, when you click on Book RES, it will start the check-in process.

Watch a walkthrough video