What data is found within the Res Mod Log Report? (Desktop | Video)

What data is found within the Res Mod Log Report? (Desktop | Video)

The Res Modification (Mod) Log allows you to search by date range to see any modifications done on reservations. This can reflect changes done on past date reservations, canceled, and pending reservations.
This can assist in understanding things like who is making reservations of a certain type, who is overriding rates often, how many early departures the hotel has, and much more.

The Res Mod Log can be located in Front Office > Supervisor > Reports > Res Mod Log

The report shows 3 groups of search parameters:
- Operator: Who did the modification. You can select a specific employee if you want to track someone or keep it to ALL.
- Field modified: What part of the reservation was modified. 
- Search Value: This is an open search field. You can type in a keyword to look for within the report. Leaving it empty will populate more data. 

There are many search options within the Res Mod Log that you can generate using the Operator Field that can help narrow down searches based on what you're looking for. early checkouts, rate changes, cancellations, cancel reasons, room moves, room type changes, etc.

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